I’m looking for any similar experiences with regards to my knee surgery in July this year

Hi everyone, I’m looking for any similar experiences with regards to my knee surgery in July this year. I have had a previous knee arthroscopy in 2002 to clean up meniscus damage (lateral bucket handle tear) following a complete ACL rupture in 1996. I then had an ACL reconstruction in 2006. Things had been ok until about 18 mths to 2 years ago when my knee started “giving out” or “exploding” at the base of my ACL scar. I put up eith it but it was happening all the time so in July this year I went in for another arthroscopy. He removed a medial meniscal tear, a large cyst and a piece of floating bone. I have had problems ever since. The popping and exploding is still there and my ROM is nowhere near where it was. I had severe bruising post op, had to have two DVT scans due to extreme tenderness (both negative) and at one point my GP told me that I had an infection and treated me with antibiotics. I only took one day worth though as I went to hospital that night as it looked like the redness was tracking up my leg. They did blood tests and told me that I didn’t have an infection. Since July I have had 2x cortisone injections (which dos not help), a while leg MRI, another knee MRI and a lower back MRI to see if it was referred pain causing the issues. My shin and calf are tender and i get “lava lamp” sensations going down both sides of my calf. Last week I had an ultrasound around the bottom of my scar where the ACL screw is and also a bone scan. The ultrasound showed no bursitis (which explains why the cortisone was a waste of time!) and the bone scan showed that my knee is full of arthritis (which we knew). It also showed some “activity” in the end of the tunnel where the screw is and that my screw is protruding. However, the surgeon doesn’t believe that any of this is causing a problem. All along I have said that it feels like someone drilled into my bone during the op, and that I think there is a problem eith the screw, but no one is listening. Given this is not my first op on this knee but my first awful recovery, I don’t know what else to do! I was only supposed to have 2 weeks off work at most and ended up taking 12. If you have made it this far in reading, thank you. I am getting desperate and don’t know how much more I can take. I will attach the photos of the post op bruising.