I’m running ACRRM Specific recall course over 2 weeks (1.5h/day) to be more comfortable



Dear ACRRM PESCI Candidates,

I’m running ACRRM Specific recall course over 2 weeks (1.5h/day) to be more comfortable

The course will be branch wise and covers more recent guidelines and PESCI new hints in them and how to answer them from Australian GP perspective (rather than international one) and from interview perspective (rather than exam perspective) and specific for your clinic (rather than general answer) and how to show you are SAFE doctor

Date & Time:Monday 9th Dec to Friday 20th Dec (6-7.30 am Sydney time, excluding weekend and Wednesday 11th Dec (will be replaced by Sat 21st Dec)

Fee: 500 Au$ including, courses, materials, 24/7 support until you clear your PESCI, AHPRA registration support

Proposed cases to be covered and their DD

Day One-Monday 9th Dec:

  1. What meant by being interview not exam (PESCI/AMC)

  2. How PESCI is specific

  3. Australian GP/ international GP practice

  4. Reasons of fail in PESCI

  5. When your PESCI really starts/ends

Day Two-Tuesday 10th Dec: Psychiatry

    1. Depression
    1. Psychosis
    1. Drug seeker
    1. Alcohol counselling
    1. Supervisor addiction

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Day Three-Thursday 12th Dec Aboriginal

  1. How to detect patient who is aboriginal and points to cover

  2. Discharge from prison for health check

  3. For abortion, multiple partners

  4. DM, HTN, renal failure on dialysis for follow up

  5. Smoking counselling

  6. Tooth ache for welfare certificate

Day Four-Friday 13th Dec: Genecology

  1. DUB

  2. Infertility

  3. Vaginitis

  4. For contraception

  5. Menopause

  6. HPV testing

Day Five-Monday 16th Dec: Obstetrics

  1. DM for pre pregnancy counselling

  2. Epilepsy for pregnancy counselling

  3. 35 years old for ANC

  4. Postpartum fever and bleeding

  5. Nurse with a needle Brik during pregnancy from HIV

Day Six-Tuesday 17th Dec: Paediatrics

  1. Diarrhoea

  2. Ear ache

  3. 2 years old with cough

  4. Refusal of immunization

  5. Poor school performance

Day Seven- Wednesday 18th Dec- Counselling

  1. BA

  2. DM

  3. Travel advice

  4. Cancer colon

  5. Nocturnal enuresis

Day Eight- Thursday 19th Dec- Emergency

  1. Chest pain

  2. Abdominal pain in a nursing home-phone call

  3. Eye pain

  4. High fever

  5. Down syndrome with epistaxis

Day Nine- Friday 20th Dec: Medicolegal

  1. Child abuse

  2. Domestic abuse

  3. Dementia for driving and assessment fit to drive

  4. Work related injury

  5. 13 years for contraception and STI screen

Day Ten- Saturday 21st Dec: Medicine and Surgery

  1. Tiredness

  2. Chronic diarrhoea

  3. Cough wants increase Ventolin doses

  4. Twisted knee

  5. Burning urination in 50 years old male

If you are interested, please text me on Facebook massager not the page

Even if you do not want to join the course, please feel free to ask for any help

Good luck,

Dr Mathew.,