I’m so glad I have passed PLAB 2


I’m so glad I have passed PLAB 2! With all the hardships we have endured in Samson Academy, I kept thinking that all we were doing was for naught. Finally, it has paid off and as mother and grandmother, I can only praise the people who had stood by me and the support of my equally hardworking classmates :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Wishing everyone else who’s preparing for PLAB 2 good luck. A Big Thank you to Dr Samson Chisi and all his excellent tutors (Dr Lovaan, Dr Adeel, Dr Kraig, Dr KP, Dr Radwan, Dr Aziz and all those whose names I have not mentioned. Please anyone attending Samson Academy, attend the feedback after each mock because the mocks are your greatest weapon! I made a huge progress after attending my first feedback, Dr Samson praised my professionalism but I was not smiling, he warned me that I must work on that aspect which I took seriously using the mirror every morning to practice my IPS, at the end this paid off.