I need your advise about ACL reconstruction

I need your advise about ACL reconstruction.

I injured my knee 17mths ago while bouldering, I fell from 2.5m roof section and landed on one leg- fully tore MCL, overstretched ACL and damaged meniscus on both sides, part of it was locking my knee. Non-weight bearing for nearly 3mths(!) to heal MCL, finally operation in January but only to trim meniscus. Knee under assessment to see if I need reconstruction.

I’m very active and exercise a lot. Finally I could straighten my knee and regain ROM. I started climbing outdoors in May. Massive progress since then, knee never gave way while climbing outdoors. In October climbing indoors and then knee slightly gave way twice while smearing with the side of my foot. I adapted the technique and it was fine since. Started leading again, not doing bouldering anymore.

Now, what would you suggest? Go for it at some point or leave it till or if I really need it? Was your knee unstable or giving way prior reconstruction? Are you happy with the outcome or you wish you wouldn’t have done it? How long did it take before you could come back to your sports? Any climbers here with similar situation?

Have to add that my knee altogether gave way only few times, mainly accidentally, like doing side squats and slipping on my dog’s bed…😁

Thank you in advance! And sorry for lengthy post but I believe all details are important.