I passed! I am so so grateful to God


I passed!!! I am so so grateful to God. I don’t plan on sharing my score but I want to encourage someone with my story.
I am an IMG who had to relocate to the US to be with my husband. I had a son after having experienced hyperemesis gravidarum for the entire pregnancy.
I started a masters program just to avoid this exam because it was so difficult studying for it.
My last 3 months before the exam were the most difficult. I never passed a single nbme! I didn’t even pass the nbme 18 . And I barely passed the USWA.
People it was just God . Faith counts !! It matters.
I was shattered… almost getting depressed but results came in today and I passed.
So to encourage anyone who may not be doing so well in nbmes… don’t stop keep on trying … God will come through for you .
And especially to the mothers… who are struggling to make it … God sees you and it will not be in vain! Be encouraged!!!