I spent most years of my life in self-hatred and despair

Need hope? Then you must read this… I spent most years of my life in self-hatred and despair. For me, my physical impairment was a cause of distress. It was only until later that I realized it is a ‘blessing in disguise’ - something that my dear friend Hamad M Dar made me realize.

My life changed for good when I entered undergrad school. I found people coming into my life and giving me support and courage that helped me to become more resilient. All that I have achieved in life was made possible because of attitude change. I started living my life as an adventure, adventure is an attitude that we can apply in our daily lives. My friend, meri Zindagi ka Phool, Zulfiqar Ali Malik strengthened my belief in adventures. A positive attitude in life led me to cross every hurdle that came in my way. Attitude is a belief that no matter what ‘everything is going to be all right’. This is the reason why I have a spontaneous way of living.

Recently, I and my friends took an unplanned trip to Abbottabad, Nathia Gali, and Murree - just because we felt like doing it. I do the planning, I do strategize, I do forecasting like everyone but honestly, I am also someone who lives on the edge. I take risks, I often take the leap of faith approach in life - because I firmly believe that ‘everything is going to be okay’.

You do not know what you are made of until you step out of your comfort zone. Every new problem and failure will seem small to the preceding ones.

We started working on a new eatery back at the end of 2019. Then COVID-19 happened. We had to shutdown Khyber Dodai and also halt work on our new location. Long story short, COVID-19 has almost subsided now, work is underway on our new project and nearing completion. We have put our hearts and soul into our new project. I am sure my friends and family would appreciate what we are making. The one thing to remember is that no matter what happens it is going to be all right in the end. For now, we need your prayers and support. :blush::heart:

And, remember we are blessed to be alive and to be living in this wonderful world - believe in adventure, believe that everything is going to be all right.