I think I’m still dreaming.Got a very low score on step 1(205)

I think I’m still dreaming.Got a very low score on step 1(205)and I studied so hard to increased my score in CK and here is the result.I needed to stop working to make this possible,two children and a full time work, was too hard to make this happen.My husband is my support,without him this wouldn’t be possible.:blush::blush:Please feel free to ask me any question you have.Ok so I did uworld twice,second round have 340 left at the end.I couldn’t review all of them.I started my preparation back on July 2019.Started with Uworld like 30 questions per day,system wise and I try to understand the concept.Then I review the incorrect ones.I put a lot of effort here because it is really important see why did you fail in those.I watched Online meded videos a few times.Every time I struggle in a system I review them.Then after that I did USWA1 scores 232(December)and then I started to do Uworld for a second time.I did like 40-60 questions per day at the begging time mode and increase the number up to 250 questions per day.I was trying to work on my time.I did USAW 2 15 days before my exam. I focused more in understand the question rather than the answer itself.I get the hints and the tips to understand why they were asking this or why is not a different diagnosis?First Uworld round was like 65 % second time was between 85-90%.I REVIEWED SOME CHAPTERS FROM FA STEP 1.This was very important too.I did it 3 days prior my exam.I reviewed hemathology,Inmuno,biochemistry and Micro.I did NBME 7 back in December too scored 209.I didn’t take it seriously because I know the curve is unbelievable.I did some CMS like IM 5-6 OBGYN last two,Psych and Peds.