I want to do my pg in general surgery

Hi…I had secured AIR 3227(UR) in NEET PG 2021.I want to do my pg in general surgery…I am from Kolkata…I think I can manage a seat in medical colleges in kolkata where hand on exposure is very good but problem is 3 years post pg bond…can anyone suggest any other good medical colleges in other states with good hand on exposure and academics but with less or no post pg bond…

Thanks in advance

Maharashtra and Delhi. Maharashtra 1 yr bond and delhi no bond.

in maharastra which colleges I can get…any idea??

thanks but I think there will be language issues…

and brother how much money will you take?

as much as college will take

if you have more then give it to the poor people who don’t have to eat, not to live etc.

O will pray for you