I was in the Emergency Room when I got a call from Paediatric Department

I was in the Emergency Room when I got a call from Paediatric Department almost yelling that, “Please, come in the nursery. We have an emergency here.”

I was holding my glass of water. I put it on the table and ran towards nursery. At the door, few people were crying. When they saw me, they started saying, “Please our baby!” I entered Nursery and saw the baby turned totally blue. He wasn’t breathing. His heart rate was declining. I started resuscitation. After almost 45 minutes, I managed the newborn to be a little bit stable. I noted down everything in file, informed consultants and came out of nursery. When I was going, the people standing outside who were crying before, held my hand and asked, “How is he?” I said to them, “He is trying very hard to hold on. Keep praying. We are doing everything we can. I don’t know about others but I am hopeful. Though, there are chances of complications.”

Next day when my OPD timings were over and I was picking up my things to leave, a female on wheelchair accompanied by 4 people entered my room. She wanted to talk to me. She asked me to show my hand. She suddenly held my hands and pressed them against her eyes. Then she said, "I don’t know how to pay you gratitude sir. If you weren’t there in the nursery fighting for my baby, I would have lost my only child that I conceived after 8 years of marriage. I can’t repay you. But I have a wish and you can make me fulfill that!”

That was so overwhelming moment. I had tears in my eyes but didn’t let fall one and asked her what can I do for them further. She said, “I want to name my child after you. If I may?”

I felt so blessed to be the part of this profession. I forgot all my pains and difficulties I have to pass through this profession each day. I can’t explain my emotions in words.

They named him “Muhammad Asim”.

Courtesy: Asim Naqvi