If menstruation or menstruation is not on time

If menstruation or menstruation is not on time

1 use of aspirin

If the first day of the period or menstrual is out, soak two aspirin in half cup of water. Add half a spoon of sugar and half a spoon of honey. Drink it regularly.

2 take vitamin C

Vitamin C produces ostrogen in the body which helps to start blading. You can also use vitamin C supplements. Or even increase the use of orange, lembo.

3 change in diet

Try to make a change in your daily diet. Take salt at least. The sodium in it grows the body and prevents menstruation. Eat more carotene foods with spinach, peach, carrots, papaya and eggs. Also drink a small spoon of jaggery powder and half a small spoon of turmeric in a glass of water once a week.

4 Use hot water

Drink hot water as much as possible. Sky the bottom of the stomach with a hot water bottle. Fill hot water in the bathtub and sit for half an hour daily.

5 Get a workout in

Some exercises are very useful to bring menstruation or menstrual to routine such as spot jogging, sit ups and lay down cycling etc.

6 control the stress

Stress increases discomfort and uncomfortable in menstrual. Breath exercises and regular walk are essential to control stress.