I'm bothering you in two cases

Hello, I’m bothering you in two cases. I have radiographs of my lower limbs. The symptoms are unpleasant, the important thing is that they prevent me from carrying out my professional activity. I also have a diagnosis from an orthopedist who has a rather unpleasant situation. in short, anterior deformities of the forefoot that also lead to bilateral instability and a prognosis of the probable impossibility in the relatively near future to be able to move. (tendons stretched ligaments as a side effect of the deformity) Another diagnosis also from an orthopedic doctor but whose diagnosis would have led to certain possible professional exemptions, which says that any symptoms are not given by orthopedic causes. The first case is related to the opportunity to ask the opinion of another professional orthopedic doctor, but the variant would be done at the moment due to certain professional inconveniences. That’s why i need to know of from xray IT can ne seen If IT îs an orthopedical issue or not. The second case would be related to the possibility of remedying the condition, in case there is an orthopedic cause, if there is and if it gives a margin of probability, information about the possible recovery period until the possibility of normal functioning. I would like the idea where you could give advice in one way or another to give you x-rays here or on whats app mail or other form of communication. Thank you very much … I still have an x-ray from about 8 years ago, (on the occasion of a sprain) in which I, an untrained person in medicine, see a greater resemblance to an x-ray of a normal healthy foot