In Bangladesh, no one has been identified by then't virus in Bangladesh for the last two days

In Bangladesh, no one has been identified by then’t virus in Bangladesh for the last two days. So much hope. We’ve got two more days. No one has been identified for two days, means that the virus is not there.
To prove the truth, million testing kit will be needed.

According to today’s information, 44 people were tested, none of them has been found positive. So much hope. But today, the virus has broken its own record in Britain, the record of all the world’s records in the world. The Trump administration has allocated two trillion dollars to stop the brothers. A lot of money.

More than the budget of the whole year of Bangladesh. There is also the death of the people. The number of intensive care beds in our whole country is totally missing. Even if a percentage of people are affected, millions of patients will be outside the facility.

What is ventilator in hospitals across Bangladesh can support a few hundred people. Who will give in this case? Who will give? Who’s going to be out of this?

It should have an accident action plan right now. If Bangladesh is affected, millions of people will not get advantage of it. If you don’t have a description of how to manage how they will be managed, then there will be a chaotic situation.

And that’s not like Italy, Spain, America. That will be worse than this. Allah may have given us two days more so that we can prepare more detail.

Time is the most effective medicine in this disease. As much as we can deal with the arrival of it as much as we can, we will be at risk.

Because one day it will be discovered, effective medicine, mask will come, colour will come.

Now our work is just to give time. And it seems that the virus of the virus is going to cross the continent, Europe, America and the United States. Many many happy returns of the day.

But where is the fault to prepare?

What is the end of natural disaster?

If you prepare one, you can use another one.