In case of home isolation

In case of home isolation, we need to know what steps the person should follow (suspected of being infected or really diagnosed with Coronavirus) and also his family…

Since the virus is transmitted primarily through spray… it means through coughing and sneezing… it is possible that spray will also settle on surfaces and floors… we should take precautions in case of home isolation and we will show you precautions This is on more than one post:

In our house corona 1

Tips for the patient himself…

1-The patient does not leave the house during the period of isolation.

2-A patient should stay in a room alone and have good ventilation.

2-The patient should only leave the room to enter the bathroom (even if it is useful, we allocate a bathroom to him alone).

3-Using paper napkin for coughing and sneezing… After which he washes his hands very well with soap or alcoholic sanitizers so that any spray does not transfer to anything he can touch, and consequently infects anyone else.

4-If there is no handkerchief… Sneezing will be in the elbow joint, because this area does not use it in any treatment opposite to the palm of hands.

Commitment to complete rest and healthy nutrition.

6-Taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

7-Thermometer every 8 hours with its thermometer.

8-Calling the hotline 105 in case of severe symptoms, God forbid.

With family greetings together for better health

Higher Institute of Public Health

University of Alexandria