In response to a couple of requests


In response to a couple of requests, this google sheet has been created for reporting invites and rejections for the NRMP 2020 Match season. I will be giving frequent specialty-wise updates and trends using this data. Remember, the results are only as good as the data that is given. Please read the following points so that the form may be utilized in the best way:


  1. For the benefit of all applicants and for subsequent analysis, make sure all columns are completed. Data is anonymized.

  2. For each program, specify if you got an invitation or rejection (column D), without this information, the data is meaningless. - Do not enter acknowledgments.

  3. Write the full name of the program - partial names help no one. Eg. There are multiple Mercy’s, and multiple Ascensions and similarly, University of Florida is different from University of Central Florida and University of South Florida, etc.

  4. Those entries that have been made will be protected from editing so that they cannot be accidentally deleted later.

  5. A detailed analysis and summary will be made later in the season and at the completion of the season for the benefit of the current as well as prospective applicants. Wishing you all, the very best!