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The most surprising benefit for the health of being in love has come forward

If you fall in love, the world looks very beautiful, all the time the heart is full of joy and the status of a server is on nature. You will definitely be aware of these mental feelings, but scientists revealed amazing. It is that the effect of love is not only on mind but it also sets surprising positive effects on your physical health. Research have told after a recent research that being arrested in love makes you a lot of problems. It is and fills the mind with happiness but its positive effects are not only limited to mind but it also helps to stay safe from many types of diseases including blood pressure, pain and rạlrạlrạlrạlrạlrạlrạlrạlrạljy̰. Basically to be in love After the new immune strength born in the body causes physical benefits for you. Experts say that 12 different parts of the body of the person in love are unusual. University of Western Virginia California The scientists have found out in recent investigation that the first positive activity starts within our mind in the fifth part of a second. The amount of hormons like dopạmy̰n and ậḵsy̰ٹ wsy̰n increases in the body as a result of happiness. And the emotions like satisfaction are born. The blood pressure of a man is reduced while the strength increases. If there is pain in any part of the body, then its feeling is also reduced and infection due to increase in immunity and infection. The power to face increases. When the emotions of love are in your mind, the feeling of pain is about 40 % less. More told that love is expressed physically, it is the result I decrease the quantity of chemical ہ s ٹ ạmy̰n due to which the fear of allergy is reduced, while the level of physical expression of love, cholesterol is also reduced. This is how man satisfaction and happiness due to lack of the level of ḵwr ٹ y̰swl hormones. The emotions of the feelings also feel. Blood pressure is reduced and the performance of the heart is better. Short that in love is synonymous with a hundred types of physical diseases.