Is COVID_19 transmitted sexually?


Is COVID_19 transmitted sexually?

No if you do sexy with a distance of 3M it can not transmitted

Have it with an infected person and find out for yourself

Use flamingo style and u wont get it if she tries to turn tell her corona bitch believe me she won’t turn to u

Absolutely not…you can do sex whole night for the last time…:crazy_face:next day u both will be in heaven.

I wish hii covid 19 ingekuwa transmitted through having unprotected sex with an infected person,

Yes…but you can do handpractice from 1 meter seeing your nude partner if you dont live without sex !!!

Why not? Even through shaking & contact rather than a such deep Emersion & sinking to somewhere

Not need for quarantine or test. Direct way to cemetery. RIP

What is covid 19 or corona virus as you called it non any case in Nigeria except join head and divert govt money African is not a place for the virus.

Any with an infected person’s because the person will cough and the virus is his or her

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