Is filling water in kidneys a disease?

Is filling water in kidneys a disease?

Water filling in the kidneys arises when the kidneys can’t move the urine properly in the bladder and hence the kidneys are swollen. Usually it affects a kidney. But sometimes both the kidneys have it. The effect of filling water in the kidneys is not a disease itself, but a disease that causes this situation. Resulting in the urinary tract disruption.


Usually there is a disruption in urine emissions. When this barrier starts to increase, water is collected in the kidneys which makes the size of the kidneys bigger. The size of the kidney can be even bigger to the extent that the nearby organs are. They start putting pressure on them. If it is not treated, the kidneys stop functioning correctly because of the pressure.

These symptoms increase over time. In which urine is felt quickly and repeatedly.

Some more symptoms that are felt with growing pain.

Feeling pain in the stomach or side.

  • Mtly

  • upside down

Having pain while peeing.

  • Don’t pee at all.

  • fever

Obstruction in urine can cause infection. Hence Urinary tract infection is the most common sign of this disease.

Symptoms of UTI:

The color of the urine being muddy.

Suffering in urine elimination.

  • being jealous in the urine.

Back pain

Having pain in the bladder.

  • fever

  • feeling cold.

If these symptoms exist, you should call a doctor immediately. Delay in treatment of UTI can cause kidney infection.


Filling the kidneys is not a disease but it is due to the cases arising internally and external that affect the kidneys.

The most common reason for the kidneys is the interruption of the tube ureter connecting to the bladder. Usually this obstacle is due to stone but it can also be a cause of injuries and bleeding.

Due to an obstacle in the Ureterr, the urine coming from the kidney goes back to the kidneys, which causes swelling.


It is important to be diagnosed with this disease as soon as possible. Leaving the disease in the same condition for a long time can cause kidneys to be useless. Your doctor is for diagnosis of the disease, other than feeling the swollen kidneys, including ultra sound and c. Includes T-scan so that the affected part can be studied with subtle benny.


The disease is treated according to the type of disease.

Your doctor may advise surgery to eliminate this obstacle. If this obstacle is caused by any injury or bleeding, the affected part is cleared through surgery. And the healthy heads of the Ureter are reunited. Given. Surgery is necessary even if the cause of this disease is stone. Endoscopic surgery can also be done for it which uses very small tools. And this is how the wound is healed quickly. Also, antibiotics It is also used.