Is it advisable to reset uworld 30 days before exam?

is it advisable to reset uworld 30 days before exam?

disadv: you wont be able to search, the new ques wont show up easily for u to identify

adv: you can easily redo all random way

possible solution: mark all the blocks u did, then do as marked. new ques will show up as unused.

you can still search. prob solved

I did it and it worked out great for me. I didn’t need search though. I had a goal to finish 2nd round in such a short time frame, was doing 5blocks a day, and almost finished it one more time. It boost my score by 15points from an assessment before the reset, so I’d say it was worth it

instead of doing the same question just revise all notes you took, do incorrect answers and then do another Qbank in order to boost up your score, do another Qbank as system-wise on topics that you’re weak in, you may use Medbullets they give you free access for 90 days, Lecturio Qbank is free and similar quality to Uworld, plus their videos matches FA textbook so you can find relevant videos by scanning your FA textbook using their app then u will be guided to all related topics.

Amboss QBank also a good one, but quite hard and tricky, their explanation is awesome.

give them a shot, good luck)