Is love a temporary masti born from some chemicals in the mind?

Is love a temporary masti born from some chemicals in the mind?

What are the romantic emotions that can be produced by a complicated process of chemicals and psychology inside human beings, can they be yearning with time pass?

The Prisoner of love, the death of love, the blind in love, the mad in love, the wounded in the first sight, and the one who is in different languages to express the love of love in the heart for someone who is in different languages, consider the other such recipes. I feel sad instead.

It is said that love does not go away but it happens. Romantic love is like a fire that takes a wrap, like a relay of water and a blow like a ball. We are more in love and it is. There is no shortage in our control.

On one side it is like a likewise, it is very simple on the other side. Its way is simple and the end of time, when it is engaged, it is fixed in different cultures.

Still someone’s love can’t be won by science. Why is it like that?

For the sake of the living, the living, the message of his willingness to reproduction, is the message of the chemical material that is called fy̰rwmwnz. Usually, it is considered that the mutual attraction is dependent on the chemical materials. The matter is the heart. Fy̰rwmwnz plays an important role for sexual messaging in insect or insect worms, but the evidence of its presence in humans is less.

But if someone signal the attraction out of the chemical body then why not inside the body?

Take an example of rna hormones. It is a common deceit that it is a ‘Bond Hormones’ and helps to produce milk and to help the child to grow uterus. The study of this feature is in the wild rats called Prairie. The Mouse is in the same way, instead of hitting the face here, and expressing sexual love.

When the production of rna ٹwsy̰n was stopped in these rats, the bond between them was weak and the expression of love was reduced. In contrast to other types of wild rats that have many sex friends at a time when the amount of rna is increased. When he went, his sexual arousal and sexual desires were lost. His effects were not more surprising in humans. So this hormone is not very useful in love.

If there is a chemical substance prepared to take the message of love to the mind of the beloved, then the question is that he will put the love letter, where there is no liter box of love inside the mind. and then in that ’ millions How can one be identified because there is no molecule or mạly̰ḵy̰wl on which this message can be written in the secret language.

When the romantic love was tried to test through the pictures of the mind, the part was seen ‘bright’ which is after the acquisition of a purpose. But there is no final result of any part of our mind to shine in one case. If there is a part of the same way in other matters, then the matter of romantic love was not different from the love of the mother or the spirit for her favorite team. So the f2 science is the spirit of the spirit of heart and life. Couldn’t explain.

Do we need to do more experiences? The answer of the scientists is usually in fading. But it will mean that the passion of love can be explained in a my̰ḵạny̰ḵy̰. Every decision of reproduction can not be simple and equal, because it is not in the bus of the human being that he is one If the body of the human being is considered to be the same, then every person is considered as attractive in every era. But if the body of a human being is the source of his desires, then every person would have been a

This fact shows that romantic heart is a very good act. Why is it so strong and strong, it can’t be explained as we think of it while doing other important decisions. Are we also in the matter of love? Can’t work with the words? With wisdom we work in the matters where we have to keep ourselves apart and make decisions that others can understand independently.

It is not in the matter of love. It is only our own decision, and who will be the one to whom we will bring the praise of the beloved.

It is a mistake to understand the human being less than the wisdom. It works in a very good and sophisticated way, and so many factors are followed by the way that it is not possible for our intellect to bring them to the same time. - for example, how easy it is to recognize a face than to describe it. Then why can it be different to identify love?

If the nerve of love was very simple, then it would have been made to love for someone, and it would have been so much that it could not be able to take it through the operation. But if the love of love is not so complicated. If it would have been, we would not have been able to

Despite this, love is dependent, like other thoughts, emotions and attitudes, on a pcẖy̰dہ interaction between the physical functions of our mind. But say that love is just the name of chemical tgẖỹ̰r in the mind, just like it is said. The romantic character of English literature, Romeo and jy̰wly̰ٹ are just words. It will not be understood. Love like art or art is bigger than the collection of its parts.

Therefore, those of us who are passing through the experience of the restlessness of love should be entrusted with the strong waves of the world. If they destroy us and bounce them on a beach, we will be thinking about it. You will be able to calm down that the end of the work of wisdom would not be more different than that.