It is good that you are listening to other’s experiences

It is good that you are listening to other’s experiences, but remember that every student acquires information differently. Something like Marrow might be extremely useful for somebody, but not so useful for you. That’s why you try all the choices that you have. Don’t buy anything unless you don’t try a free trial. Have a look at how well your expectations will be met. As far as I know, there are following platforms offering online coaching for NEET-PG:

PG Blazer

There is probably more, but these ones are the most popular ones. Now, I personally love Lecturio among these six platforms. Their video lectures are subdivided into sections, so that I’m able to quickly and easily find a topic which I’m looking for (also, their mobile app allows you to scan the page from any textbook, and the program will show you relevant videos automatically). Additionally, lectures are conducted by professors teaching in world’s leading universities. More importantly, company doesn’t only give you videos in subscription. They provide you with literally everything you need, like e-books, practice questions, clinical questions, study guides and some useful extensions on mobile app.

Again, you need to listen to what others recommend, but you should try every platform and decide which one is the best for ourself. This is the only way to achieve you highest academic potential and get high scores on exam.