Jipmer Radiology questions-


Jipmer Radiology questions-

1.Scalloping of sigmoid colon on barium enema
A) Ca colon
B) Ulcerative colitis
C) Sigmoid volvulus
D) Crohn’s disease

  1. Saw tooth appearance on barium enema-
    A) Diverticulosis
    B) Ulcerative colitis
    C) Crohn’s disease
    D) Ca colon

  2. Image Based
    CXR of a diabetic male- A calcified/cavity on RUL
    H/O Unproductive cough since 2 weeks.
    A) TB
    B) Lung abscess
    C) Fungal ball with cavity
    D) Consolidation

4.For renal scarring, investigation of choice-
B) Tc 99m DMSA
D) Tc 99m DTPA

  1. A 2 month old baby presented with recurrent UTI. Inveatigations-
    A) Sonography only
    B) MCU only
    C)DMSA scan + Sonography
    D) Sonography + MCU + DMSA scan

There were 3 more Image Based questions on CXR, don’t remember the exact history.