Journey to AMC CAT was a tougher one


Alhamdulillah, eligible for clinical…
Journey to AMC CAT was a tougher one…
Though i started last year i never gave proper time to study… If i give true confession, i took prep only for one month exactly…
So this post is for the people who are planning for AMC CAT exam… MCQ exam… If i can, u will definitely crack it in sha allah…

  1. I must say you need to have faith, confidence & positivity in ur self. As AMC is a structured exam, u have to step in an organised manner…

  2. Pls collect materials whatever u find from the popular group, text books in pdf form, arrange it in ur lappy, make ur own notes & way to finish…

  3. Books :
    a.Hand book/BLUE BOOK… It is a must one… It is very much helpful… I muself got 4 questions from it directly … Try to palate every question along with its commentary. It will guide u in the long run.

b. M not a jm girl… But selected topics from jm its really helpful.

c. Master Of The Board by conrad is an excellent book. Cardiology, neurology, rheumatology, respiratory, phychiatry, emergency portion was very helpful
d. Screening of DM, Breast cancer, colon cancer, Prostate cancer from RED BOOK, latest veriosn must one.

E. RACGP, RCH is must to check out the recent management protocol.

F. For psychiatry : US world is very nice one. But medbullets helped me more. Specially EGO DEFENCE must go topic of medbullets.

G. For Ethics : 100 cases of conrad, 138 cases of 9 paged book is must.

H. Drug interaction, drug allergy must read topic.

I. medbullet, orthobullet helped me a lot. Whatever i needed i got from those sites.

J.ECG, fundoscopy, ENT, skin, eye, images i followed Dr.Shahriar’s file, vedio repeatedly.

K. I went through some books like emergency case file. A very nice one though can’t finish it yet.

L. For surgery, paedi, gynae i tried kaplan.

m. Driving recalls went through file section only. School exclusion same. Infection is high yield topic.

N. For biostat, population science HB & files of Dr. Shahriar. Though i couldn’t finish it.

O. Recall based theory is the best one. I tried to solve 2/3 years recalls but finished 16,17,18 November last time.

P. Reading partner is a must one. Who will make u accustomed to the studies, fill ur gap, discussion will help u a lot. Atia Afroza Tonima Amir Tanzina Masud Drishty helped me utmost.

q. Amc will not test the depth of ur knowledge, it will test how well u know the topic, just think which one we do 1st in our hospital day to day duties… Its basic thing we have to know… We need not to know the difficult one but need to know a disease as a whole… Being a doctor we should not only treat the patient only, need to treat whole community…

R. There are so many coaching academies… But to get accustomed to u need to stick to one, follow one… I choose #SMA & was satisfied. Everyone has explanation against each answer. So contro is contro… It will vary from person to person… But basic thing is same… Ur residual gonna help u mostly… It does not matter how much u need, u have to stay focused, not be over stressed…

S. AMC q bank, AMEDEX q bank helped me to practice… If u get how to study, it is just a matter of time to cover those in your own way.

T. Dn’t forget to make Your own last moment revision files… Me & Atia apu made a lot by our own specially she did a good effort

Dn’t be panic… Thnq Dr.Shahriar Ahmed Sujoy & Dr. Tonmoy Dhar vaia for immense support, organised guidelines. Shahriar vaia’s theory was best one, the effort they gave on the last days, everyday new files with solved one, was more than excellent… Thnq vaia’s…best wishes for team #sma.