Just got my score:


Just got my score:

Prep time= 4 dedicated months
Exam date: 11 July 2019

UWSA 1-253, 6 weeks before the exam
Free 120: 84%, 3 weeks before the exam
NBME 7 - 247, 5 days before the exam

Final Step 2 CK score: 253

I used First Aid (FA) and U-world for prep:

I read through FA first, completed all the u-world questions with first pass score 78%, then i did UWSA 1.

Then I did round 2 of u-world, this time focusing on the questions I had gotten wrong,marked questions and the flash cards I’d made (about 1500),then took NBME 7.

The last 7 days before the exam, I went through FA the second time.

I believe U-world is enough to prep for this exam, if one is preparing themselves shortly after taking step 1, which is what I did. First aid is good for just a quick review.