Lagos plab2 academy was simply a miracle!


Lagos plab2 academy was simply a miracle!!!

Bringing the Academy home (to those of in Nigeria) was nothing short of DIVINE. I witnessed firsthand how Boss and his crew did everything possible to come to our rescue from that “7 days to exam entry date” that swept through like an epidemic: yes o, i was in the first ever Lagos plab2 academy…!

It saved us time and ofcourse, some money aswell.
I met different people and in no time, we became a huge family with one purpose, “feeling the pain” and enjoying the reward thereof
I’m so grateful to dr Samson, dr Toyin, dr Aria, dr Osita & dr Ruby for coming to Nigeria.

Moving over to Bow street, i met another set of very committed, very motivated & very nice & lovable admins (i fell in love with all of you & wish i could remember all your names).
Thank you for playing such a significant role in my journey. Wish to see more of you guys in the nearest future.
God bless all of you for me.