Let's not try to take advantage of the situation

Let’s not try to take advantage of the situation.

There’s no point in suddenly increasing ug or pg seats. Or in passing dnb/diploma/md/ms candidates without exams. No point in letting fmgs who haven’t cleared the fmge to treat patients.

Do what you are qualified to do now.

And when this is done, earn the position you want. We are doctors, not quacks.

Bro u r thinking it in other way…i am also fmge lived in those circumstances…i know how person study there…i may allow ayurvaedh , unani , physiotherapist of govt.clges, nursing staff, but not a fmge of 3rd or 4th sam from a BAD CLGE OF FOREIGN they are as same as lay person…its truth we should accept it…even i can allow pharamcist veternary docotor to contribute…my father isa a doctor where fmge come to do internshio…so i know about russia china ukraine…many fmge dont know to wear ppe properly …even many indian private clge …but at last after all these above mentioned category is finished …than i will ask govt.to allow fmge …they may make disaster also rather than making it nice