Look back at the corona insurance payment

Look back at the corona insurance payment

The insurance committee has brought a new payment process in favor of those who have corona insurance after Bhadra 28
Those who pay 6 hundred rupees fee personally and 3 hundred rupees fee in family will now get 25 thousand rupees cash after corona confirmed. According to the information officer of the insurance committee, Nirmal Adhikari, those who have insurance worth 50 thousand will also get only 25 percent, i.e. 12 thousand 5 hundred after corona confirmed.
The committee is amending the criteria of Corona insurance which will be implemented from Bhadra 28, will pay Rs. 25 thousand after corona confirmed and then the cost for medicinal treatment is only on the basis of the bill.

‘25 percent will be paid as soon as the PCR positive report comes, the remaining 75 percent will be paid equal to the bill of the expenditure on medicinal treatment’ the officer said.

But the committee has said that the bill for the expenditure of staying in an infected house or hotel or eating food will not be paid.

The old system will be implemented in the insurance article issued before Bhadra 28 That is, those who have insurance before that date will be paid the full amount (1 lakh or 50 thousand) after PCR positive.

The committee has revised its criteria after the number of insurers has increased. According to the committee, about 4 hundred people have taken the payment of Corona insurance so far, 12 hundred have applied to the insurance companies claiming for compensation.

The premium amount has been collected with more than 13 million numbers and worth Rs 75 million.

Similarly, the PCR test report of a private lab accredited by the Ministry of Health and Population will also be recognized.

Similarly, a ‘Claim Management Committee’ has been formed to investigate the request for Corona Insurance claims. The committee, including representatives of the Insurance Committee, Ministry of Health, Finance Ministry and Insurance Association, can investigate the suspected reports.

The criteria to be paid within 7 days of application after processing the payment of corona insurance is mentioned.