Lumbar Disc Herniation


Lumbar Disc Herniation :thinking:
Laser acupuncture protocols :point_down::point_down::point_down:
Adopt the 1000mW 808nm laser machine, combine with CT and MRI, find the affected part of the intervertebral space, then adopt the Probe B laser probe irradiate the nerve root near the left or right side, and GB 30 acupuncture point, each point irradiate. 8 mins, each treatment select 2-3 points.

When the patient felt a slight tingling or heat sensation, the treatment effect will be the best.

Clinic research:
The Hualong Hospital in Shanghai treat 79 cases of lumbar disc herniation, 45 cases complete cured, 18 cases have great effect, 13 cases has the good results, 3 cases no effective, the effective rate is up to 96.20%.