Matched into Internal Medicine!

Matched into Internal Medicine!

This was my first match cycle:

246/229/CS pass/ no step 3

Visa requiring IMG

YOG 2016

6months of USCE in both, inpatient and outpatient settings.

2 published case reports/ no research experience.

4 ivs

I truly firmly believe the match is unique to everyone and you’ve just got to keep on hustling, don’t give up! I think I got very lucky and am grateful to everybody that helped me along the way. This group gave me a lot of inspiration, especially during times when I felt discouraged. Shout out to Dr. Zeeshan Mansuri for re-enforcing positive thoughts during the waiting and difficult periods! Usmle Sarthi has been such a blessing guiding us through every important check point in this process. It’s been an absolutely incredible journey. Thank you for everything!