May 2021 recalls

May 2021 recalls

  1. Female 42 yrs , have coming for screening , she has female sexual partner about 12 months, her previous partners are all female. What would you do regular screening for her?

A. cervical screening test

B Gonrrhoea

C. syphilis

D hepatitis

E Chlamydia

  1. Biosta non smoker have stoke 6/100 in non smoking population , smoker is is 50% more than non smoking population. Pharmaceutical company introduce drug reduce stroke reduce 1/3 in smoking population . How many reduce the risk in smoker pollination

A. 500

B. 200

C. 100

D. 6

E. 33

  1. Cleft lip pic

16 yrs old girl wants to keep her baby before delivery , there’s a mother beside her wherever she decided she’ll support her daughter. After delivery the child look advice the pic & she doesn’t want to feed the child & want to let her go four adoption. After despite paediatric surgeon consulted that the child will be fully recover after correcting with surgery., what will you do?

A. Let her to do what she wants for adoption

B. Social worker consultation

C. Tell her that you can’t do like that

D. Encourage bonding with breast feeding

E. Let her mother to look after baby

  1. Femoral hernia pic

Female 50? Yrs come for consulting a swelling in right groin. The swelling is irreducible & she had surgery before long time ago. The swelling is above the ligment. What is the dx?

A. Direct inguinal hernia

B. Indirect inguinal hernia

C. Rhadomyoma

D. Femoral hernia

  1. 42yrs come to check after 6-12 weeks pre preg counselling .She doesn’t smoke or drink . Her BMI is 32 . Apart from diet & exercise . What will you check

A. Ogtt 2yrly

B. Ogtt 1 yrly

C. FBS 3 yrly

D. HbA1C 12 monthly

  1. 46 yrs old women with family history of diabetes , BMI 34, BP is ok. HR ok. Random blood glucose is 5.6, how will you do it?

A. Ogtt 2 yrly

B. Ogtt yearly

C. HbA1C 12 monthly

D. No need to check

E. HbA1C 6 monthly

  1. Woman came with very foul smelling discharge from vagina what is the d’s?

A. Chlamydia

B. Gardinella

C. Gonorrhea

😎 A lady came for ask the prescription about oxycodone for her joint pain as she travel somewhere interstate I guess. She admit that she was addict and it is over a while ago. She showed her doctor letter for prescription from her home town. What will you do?

A. Prescribe her oxycodone

B. Counsel with her previous doctor about prescription

C. refuse her

D. ask pharmacist

E. prescribe another analgesics

  1. Man called your clinic just before about to closing time for antidepressant prescription that he is run out of it. He was taken that medication 6 months ago. But he hasn’t’ been the clinic for 6 months. What will you do?

A. refuse to prescribe

B. tell him to call weekend doctor if he needs urgent for prescription

C. prescribe it

D. tell him to come back on Monday

  1. lady who is addict opiate analgesics previously, she asked you to prescribe the opiate that she is run out of it that you prescribe her for 2 months, She is not addict anymore. She said the pharmacist dispense all and it all gone. You called the pharmacist and pharmacist is not dispense like that 2 months prescription. What will you do next mx?

A. write down the patient is lied

B. Documents the discrepancy about pt said and pharmacist words

C. tell pharmacist you are wrong

  1. 80 yrs old man terminally ill already told his doctor that he doesn’t want for resuscitation if something going on, his wife aware that his request and documented in the chart. One day he was severe ill and his son came back from oversea and ask doctor to save his father life. What will you do?

A. you cannot save him as he is already told him

B. reverse the DNR and save his life

C, call the guardianship court

D. cannot reverse the DNR as it is documented

  1. 36 yrs old woman who has polycystic ovarian disease and took metformin previously and treated. She didn’t take metformin for 2 – 3 yrs. And now she is planning to get a baby, her bmi is 34, usg show still 10-12 cysts. What will you treat her in next management after diet and exercise?





  1. the man is planning to do surgery for reducible inguinal hernia and he was diagnosed with DVT a month ago and his doctor start him on warfarin. What will you do for next appropriate management?

A. give the warfarin 5 days and do the surgery

B. refer the surgery and continue warfarin for 3 months

C . refer surgery and continue warfarin for 7 days

D. give vit K and do the surgery

E. give FFP and do the surgery

X ray of LBO not sigmoid and caecal volvulus

Long senerio of old man askin dx?

A. large bowel obstruction

B. small bowel obstruction

C. sigmoid volvulus

D. caecal volvulus

E. Pseudoobstruction

  1. The old man have the gallstone due to pancreatitis. His common bile duct is 10 cm . what is your management? Don’t rem the stem properly

A. nasograstric tube compresson and iv fluid

B. entrograde cholangiogram

  1. your pt has HIV postitve and he is a doctor. One day he told you that he got a job offer as a registrar in surgical ward but he didn’t tell his condition to his employer. What will be your action?

A. tell his employer

B. insist him to tell his employer

C. notify the surgical director

D. tell him to use extra precaution to do surgery.

E. notify the APHRA

  1. 6 days old boy present with his mom and have swelling in the testicular region, on examination swelling is not tense, transiiluminate. Testis is feel in the scrotum. What is your next appropriate management?

A. Usg

B. Ct

C. urgent surgery

D. refer surgery till 1 yr

18 ) Vietnamese man came with headache, lethargic and fever . What will you expect the dx?

A Meningococcal meningitis

B. dengue

C. Malaria

D. Filiaris

E. Japanese B encephalitis

19)The man dx with Heamophilia A came to emergency with bleeding. What will you give him ?


B. Factor VIII

C. vit K

exact pic

The man got MVA and left sided swelling in the abdomen and pain in LIF. What is your mx? ( a bit long scenario)

I choose --splenic A embolization

  1. 16 week preg and her bp is 150/90, proteinuria +++, and ankle odemea , what is your dx?

A. pre eclampsia

B. essential hypertension

C. postural hypertension

D. cardiac failure

  1. mother came with 4 yrs old son worried and complaint of a few time bed wetting at night, he played well, talk with his imaginary friend sometimes, sleep with teddy bear. But day time he is dry. Other examination are normal.

What will be your Dx?

A. Normal development

B. psychosis.


D. Autism

  1. anther q with bed wetting same age 4 yrs old bed wetting only at night. Day time dry. What is your treatment?

A. no need to do anything

B. bed alarm

C. desmopressin

  1. man from the jail come with police officer , he did something weird in the jail that put sananity writing on the wall and doesn’t eat and drink. Sometimes he cut his wrist and lately condition are getting worse. What is your dx?

A. schizophrenia

B. Borderline

C. psychosis illness

D Antisocial

E factitious

  1. The man is goin to do some surgery in abd (can’t rem). How will you prevent VTE?

A. Enoparexin 5 days and until 28 days after surgery

B. Enoparexin on the day of surgery till 28 days after surgery

C. Enoparexin on the day of surgery till 5 days after surgery

D. Fondaparinux on the day of surgery till 28 days after surgery

  1. old woman take many drugs stain, hypertension, diuretics ,etc…. She has large bruise areas along both thing and buttock not sure. CK really high over 1000, urea a little bit high .

A) Rhadomyolysis

😎 polymyositis

  1. old lady can’t do comb her hair, can’t lift the hand properly. Musle is also wasting in the arm are both side. A bit long scenriou. What is the dx?

A. bicep injury

B. # humerus

C, D.

E adhesive capsulitis

  1. young man had MVA and he got the injury on knee and not displaced with pain and big laceration come to emergency. What is your next immediate mx?

A. reduct the knee

B. give antibiotic and tetanus

C. send to Ot

D. wound debridement

  1. young man came at ED with severe pain in back of the thigh and buttock as 6 days ago he compete the 100m

  2. old woman pain in sexual intercourse, hysterectomy done, what should you give , mesh repair for prolapse and exam can easily detect mesh. What will you do ?

A . see the doctor

B. remove the mesh

C. hydrocortisone cream

D vaginal oestrogen cream

  1. Aborgines girl 13 yrs at rural area and didn’t complete childhood immunisation. Her last immunisation is at 12 months of her age. What will you do for her age for immunisation?

A. give immunisation for her recent age

B. give the previous vaccination about 2 yrs ago

C. give the catch up immunisation

  1. woman came after post partum 6-12 weeks check. She said she is very tired, lethargic, not enough sleep, hair loss a lot. Other examination are all normal. She denies depression. What is the dx?

A. Adjustment disorder

B. postparturm depression

C. post partum psychosis

D. Normal

  1. woman came after post partum check with the baby , she said she is not very feeling well, depressive like something, the baby drink well and she can’t look after the baby properly at all.on examination the baby is ok, but there is the bruises on baby thigh and leg. What will you do for next mx?

A. report child protection service

B. social worker to check at her house

C. mirtazapine

  1. the surgeon do the colonic surgery and puncture doing the surgery but he fixed and pt is ok . when about to finish , surgeon told registrart , not to tell the pt family. What will you do in this situation?

A. comply the surgeon

B. tell the patient family

C. Insist the surgeon need to tell the family

D. report to surgical director

E. raise the issue at CME

  1. 25 yrs pt who was adopted since he was 12mths, and now he got contact with his biological mother. He come for anxious cos his biological mother got dx of huntington’s disease at 54 or 57. How to do?

A. tell him no d/s can occure this age

B. genetic counselling

C. check for disease

D. do genetic testing

  1. exact pic

The young boy in north qld his leg got stung by jellyfish (pic) and remove the tentacle with sea water. What will you do next ?

A. Immerse the leg with veneger

B. immerse the leg with warm water

C. immerse the leg with hot water

  1. Blow out pic one eye has bruise

The her eye can’t go upward and doward. What is the dx?

A. zygomatic #

B. orbital floor #

C. oculomotor nerver palsy

D. adducent N palsy