Md medicine in good Gmc Or Dnb radiology in good hosp.(mumbai)

Md medicine in good Gmc


Dnb radiology in good hosp.(mumbai)

P.s-Already missed peripheral md radio in gmc that i would hv got.

(At this stage neutrality for branch pref.)

But don’t kill the taste of med if you have it will be insatiable and will trouble you

yes…i thaught dnb mumbai wud b better…but now leaving good md med seat for dnb radio is not digesting!

Instead Call Your Seniors Working In SAME field Get their Opinions As well Asking here is Waste… All Are Aspiring only… Its Diffrent When You actually work in that Branch.

sir…yeah i did…but every1 was on same page…What do you want COMFORT or FAME?

Thats what i’m unable to decide(everyone want both😛)

You have been in this Dilemma for so long…Go with your Heart dude…because Its one way road ahead so whatever happens next you will know it was what you truly wanted , you will be okay then. all the best Make the best decision.

Dnb radio if interested in radio. Much much better than md radio from maximum colleges.

orporate main Kyn job karna hai . corporate waale paise nahi dete…chor hai saale…khud ka setup kholo khud patiemt dekho USG karo…

sir…10 2d echo per day milna b toh chaiye…considering saturation in cardio…at my small district place already 3-4 dm cardio are there

If u think financially that u can make with MRI, CT, USG,X ray machine setup(10 crore). go to radio…if not then u hv to do practice in corporate hospital for 3-4 lakh/month… & also no social relationship with patients as comparing to medicine

If u go for medicine… med has max pay as u r in own hospital and own boss (with rented place of hospital too) med makes u boss…

& best social relationship with society with satisfaction of work…hardworking branch… evergreen branch

See u got MD Medicine…still dreams of many people…if u fee u will be satisfied take it…else Medicine is the best choice…we GOT INTO MBBS FOR THE SAKE IF MEDIXCINE SURGERY NOT FOR RADIO DERMA… There r cons in every branch.very tough to open ur setup, and name comes if u have ur own setup…but it’s like dependent branch just like Anesthesia…but yes u ll earn stress-free…but very few people will know ur name in society. What toppers