Med Vs Paedia..which has easier ease of settlement and more scope....considering the current scenario


Med Vs Paedia…which has easier ease of settlement and more scope…considering the current scenario

Medicine age group 14- till death plus all diabetes hypertension thyroid infectious cardiac all are ur patients & will be

I would like to know ur name,just as to know what branch u take up finally

Who says pedia is easy to settle!!.. imagine in case of pedia you are treating simultaneously both… the child who says almost nothing about his or her illness and the parents who says every possible things about their child 's illness :joy: and you are getting only single payment :joy::joy:
Joke apart… pedia is a awesome stream😊… specially if you are doing your pg in a good institution you may have vast exposure to many skillful activities… not only that this is a stream that gives you immense confidence to handle any typ of medical emergency… secondly suppose if you don’t want to continue pedia as your professional interest any more after doing your pg ,you may have plenty of options to get shifted to any other medicinal streams like endocrine,cardio,onco etc as your superspeciality interest… though cracking DM is another tough game… still l think prospect in pedia is relatively higher than any other medicinal stream… and one thing keep in mind friend… be it medicine or pedia if you want to prosper at that extraordinary level you have to struggle… few years back there was a wrong trend about pedia that pedia is a end stream… forget that… but prospects n scope in pedia is definitely high … all the best