Monaco and Algeria who want to travel back to Thailand

Information for Thai people in France, Monaco and Algeria who want to travel back to Thailand ***

Today, July 2, 2563 The Civil Aviation Office of Thailand (Feb. ) has announced the terms of aircraft allowance to fly in and out of Thailand (Vol. 2) which is in effect from ✳️ July 3, 2563 onwards ✳️ to support Covid-19 infectious disease prevention and control.

In this class, the Embassy received information that this announcement resulted in *** Commercial Flights are still unable to fly into Thailand *** (as well as previously announced, dated 29 June 2563). Therefore, you have booked a ticket for traveling. Going to Thailand in July 2563 should check if your flight still confirms the flight status.

If your flight is cancelled and you are urgently needed to return to Thailand. Please read the terms and procedures of action at If you are able to obtain conditions, please sign at for the embassy to contact you if you have special flights. For evacuation, Thai people go back to Thailand.

If the Embassy receives more information about Thailand’s entrance, both Thai and foreigners will be publicized in the first occasion.