My ex at AIIMS made a score vs rank prediction and dmed me

My ex at AIIMS made a score vs rank prediction and dmed me. Don’t know should I reply him back or not. 😐

625= <1k

625-600= 1k-2.5k

600-570= 2.5-5k

570-540= 5k-9k

540-500= 9k-15k

<500=. >15k

What do u think guys?

Dont ever text your ex.They are keera, makora, chuhe, billi, gandi naali ka chuha and most importantly parasites.

What’s the need to reply? Just keep him on seen

you are right, it’s always the ovum who has millions of choices unlike sperm who has one.

well doctor, to be strictly scientific, there is no chasing in the process, both of them are forced to travel a particular path.

Don’t get annoyed (in case), my comment was only on a lighter note. 😅

What do you mean by ex at AIIMS… your future could also be at AIIMS itself… Think Bigger

U urself might have predicted this , coz galat bhi hua to log teri ex ko galliyan denge which might make u happy indirectly

This is a perfect controversial neet question. There’s no clear cut indication that if the OP wants to know about the reliability of the prediction chart or if she wants our opinion on whether she should reply him or not.

In any case, it’s none of our business, it’s your personal decision. Maybe you split up on good terms, but guys don’t text their exes to be “just friends”.