My exam experience score 274


My exam experience
score 274
UWSA1 267
UWSA2 245
All NBME offline
Range of mistakes 18 to 40
FOCUS on your weak areas
Do assessments early to find weak areas.
Exam was in between NBME and UWSA1.
UW and FA covers most.
Immunology Questions were trickiest in my exam. With care and exclusion correct answer can be choose.
They only test high yield stuff in harder ways. So better when you make groups or partners trying to grab FA and UW.
Avoid all low yield stuffs.
Some questions were really hard.
Everyone faces this way.
In the end Everyone can do it.
Thanks to Everyone who came across. Specially to my group mates adnan, hina, Ben, Abid, noor, shafik,Rama and others :two_hearts: