MY EXPERIENCE Regarding MRCP1 MRCP2 USMLE Step2CK in 5.5 months


MY EXPERIENCE Regarding MRCP1 MRCP2 USMLE Step2CK in 5.5 months
MRCP1(passed…attempted on 8th may 2018, result released on 8th june 2018)
I graduated on 21 feb 2017 from Allama iqbal medical college lahore pakistan and started my housejob at jinnah hospital lahore on 1/april/2017. I first started with minor rotations. During my entire housejob i was just thinking that how i should start preparation for exams. A period of 11 months passed and i was just left thinking. Then there was 1 month left for completion of housejob and i was on medicine rotation.I already booked my mrcp1 exam to attempt on 8th may 2018 and USMLE Step2CK triad(june july august). So 1st time i opened my books was on 1st april 2018, completed 1st read of pastest qbank(almost 2400Qs)in 25 days along with medicine rotation(busiest rotation). Started 2nd read of pastest and alongside was reading my notes, completed this process in 9 days…then enjoyed for 3 days and attempted exam on 8th may 2018.
I recieved my result report on 8th june 2018 and to my surprise i passed with good score. It boosted my morale to attempt more exams as soon as possible.
USMLE step2CK(237)
I started preparation on 20th june. Subscribed uworld and completed uworld in almost 21 days alongwith job as medical officer in a busy hospital. Second read was in almost 12days alongside notes that i made. Attempted uwsa1(240) 6 days before exam and uwsa2(244) 3 days before exam…attempted exam on 1st August 2018. Recieved score report on almost 29th august…and and i was really happy.

Hell hell hell…nukes are on the way…
This was the nastiest and most difficult exam of all. I started my preparation for this exam on almost 11 september alongwith job as medical officer in a very busy hospital. I started with pastest and sanjay sharma. I made notes from pastest and sanjay sharma to revise near exam.i used following sources for mrcp2
Pastest Qbank(almost 2500 Qs) most imp source
Sanjay sharma medicine book
150 ecg cases
Radiology book by ABM abdullah
Data interpretation book by steve hughs
Mr. Google
Exam preparation was for almost 1.5 months… Took rest for 2 days just before exam day and attempted exam bravely. Exam was like hell… More difficult than all Qbanks. For mrcp2(written) you should have consultant level approach to Dx and management.
My recommendations for above exams
MRCP1==(passmed+ pastest almost 2500Qs each) most people use passmed but i used pastest as i loved its pattern and i had short time time left(1.5 month for entire exam preparation alongside busiest rotation of housejob). I will advise a period of 3-4 months and pastest+passmed for mrcp1
USMLE Step2CK== uworld(almost 2400Qs) is more than enough
Pastest Qbank==almost 2500Qs(most imp source)
Sanjay sharma medicine book(almost 403 cases)
150 ecg book
Radiology book by ABM abdullah
Data interpretation book by steve hughs
Mr Google for images. I will advise a period of about 3-4 months to shot mrcp2…
LINKS FOR MRCP1 materials
passmedicine :
pastest :

Sharma :
Pastest :
passmedicine - Google Drive