My PLAB 1 experience and Tips


My PLAB 1 experience and Tips

I decided to take PLAB exam suddenly cause I was moving from country to country wasn’t sure where I want to go or work. I guess part of me wanted to move back to my country and live with my family. But circumstances changed I was like “OK, I will nail it, no matter how long it’ll take”.


One day I wake up in the morning, was so pissed off with everything. I was like “You know what I’ll take an IELT’s exam” and found one which is just around the corner one week away. I told my husband “Well IDK why maybe I’m insane but I feel like I want to take this exam even I know if I don’t succeed it’ll be a total loss of money”. He listens to me then said: “Don’t worry do whatever you want to do you are very good at English you just don’t give yourself enough credit for it”. So I took the exam with 102′ fever, bad lung (I have Asthma) and when I got the result ” I nailed it with the high score. I was so surprised that day and feel like yes I really can ace this journey InshaAllah.

Then I wanted to book my PLAB 1 exam for September and all the sit booked. Then I was caught up in some work and again wanted to book for November again all the sit already booked. Then with a broken heart, I booked my exam for March 2017.

I started my study in around January before that I was being lazy like I’ll do it but wouldn’t do any study for real. So I study like 22 or less than a month, but I got very good mark around 84% in the PLAB 1.

Maybe you are thinking “What? no way you just did everything in the 22nd days? How can this possible?”

Once again any exam success depends on your background knowledge, time management skill, and dedication.


  1. Assess your background Knowledge : At the time I was starting my PLAB 1 knowledge was up to 60% which is really close to the pass mark >64/65%. So I was needed just a little push to pass the exam.
  2. Don’t take the exam lightly : Over the year I saw so many reviews on PLAB 1 exam, some were like oh it’s so easy you will go and pass. Please bear in mind when people pass they feel like it easy exam but in the real world, it’s not that easy cause anything can happen that day anything can come in the exam you never know. I saw some people just missed the exam by one mark. So my advise will take it as a serious exam and fight for it.
  3. Fixed a realistic timeline : I saw people often end up projecting an unrealistic timeline like- Oh I will do it in a month or days. But after a while, they end up doubling the timeline. So what is a realistic timeline? A realistic timeline will be based on your own unique capability, have some buffer time which will allow you to make some room for extra study or any other plan, have some rest time and take a short break, etc.
  4. Study as much as you can : I studied for 16 hours and slept 5 hours a day for months.
  5. Time management : Remember in exam maximum question will be very long so there is a very high chance one can run out f time in the end.
  6. Study Partner : If you think you need a study partner please find a one who is helpful, caring and will maintain their commitment with you.
  7. Study Group : I’ll highly recommend everyone to join a study group because of motivational help. For starter, if someone interested they can join this Telegram group:
  8. Practice : Practice, Practice, Practice. There is no alternative of practice. The more you practice the more you will know what you don’t know. So practice as much as you can.
  9. Help others : Please help others.
  10. Pray : Pray to your Allah or your God or if you are atheist pray to nature, because who knows what will happen your exam day so be kind to others and pray all the time.

How I prepare for PLAB 1

  1. Materials: I choose 1700 question bank and Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine. I finished Oxford important topics couple of time. I’m a good reader I can read very fast and can pick up the important clincher very fast. Which helped me a lot. But I only finished 1700 once but when I was doing it I took time and tried to clear up any confusion I have. Alhamdulillah, my plan worked for me. For the first part of my study time, I had a wonderful partner who didn’t take the exam with me but we did the study for few weeks and we become very good friend with time. I also had a PLAB 1 whats app group where I met so many wonderful people who helped me clear a lot of confusion before my exam. I’m grateful to them.
  2. Study plan : I studied for 15-17 hours a day. I only slept for 3-5 hours. It doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything else. I was on my toes all the time. We don’t have anyone here to help with house chores. End of the day it possible if you know how to manage your time. I finished 1700 question within 17-19days and rest of the days I did some Mocks. My benefit was I wasn’t working at that time and able to maximize my time wisely.


Maybe it seems like it was easy for me. But trust me, It wasn’t easy though my background knowledge was good. I managed everything alone. If I can write a book about my struggle then people will realize how frustrating was everything back then. For me study part wasn’t that difficult but the other struggle was real. Living abroad is not that easy when you are a girl it becomes more challenging. I saw people taking PLAB after 17 years of passing Medical School. So if all these wonderful people can ace this exam anyone can do it. Just need strong motivation. Remember everyone’s story/struggle is different don’t just give up because you just think it’ll be difficult. Believe in yourself, own it and ace it.