My step 1 experience - 244


I’m a 6th year medical student. I received my score and just thought I’d share it here to help you.

I used about 1 year to prepare for this exam.


NBME 12-42 wrongs

NBME 13-52 wrongs


NBME 16-49 wrongs

NBME 20-225

NBME 21-213


NBME 17- 29 wrongs

NBME 22- 238

UWSA 1-234

February(all online)

8th Feb-NBME 23-230

13th Feb-NBME 18-230

16th Feb-NBME 24-216(sank into depression)

22nd Feb-UWSA2-247

23rd Feb-Free 120-79%

Exam 25th Feb-244

Resources used:

BnB - God bless Dr Ryan.

FA-Although I tried reading first aid cover to cover, I couldn’t. It was boring(even after annotations and I couldn’t recall things I had read.

Anki-Anki is the plug. I started with LightYear deck but getting to the end of my preparation I was overwhelmed with reviews so I stopped and made my own flashcards from my mistakes on UWorld.

UWorld- Did it 2.5 times. After my first pass I got 55%. I went through my mistakes and the score improved to 64%. I then resetted and got 84%. I struggled a lot.

Pathoma- Dr Sattar is bae. Thanks to him pathology was easy for me.

Sketchy- I used S. Micro and some specific videos in S. Pharm(anti-diabetic drugs esp).

I felt okay after the exam. I was tired and extremely glad it was finally over. I recall some mistakes I made on questions I could answer right even in my sleep. This scared me while I waited.

My journey like everyone else hasn’t been easy. Balancing school work with this exam was an extremely daunting task. But it’s over(never saw this coming) and I can finally live my best life.

I’ve read so many posts here that encouraged me. I also want to share my experience with anyone going through this grueling process to encourage you.

Trust yourself and don’t give too much attention to people who do not believe in you. You know yourself better than anyone.

Don’t give up!

I’ll be available and glad to answer questions to help y’all before I make my slow transition into the Step 2 forum.

Bless :two_hearts: