Myanmar government announced that Yangon lockdown

′′ Myanmar government ′′ announced that Yangon lockdown suspended all commercial flights in the country to 1 October. K. K. This is it

New Coronavirus Coronavirus Outbreak Management (COVID-19) or Prof. COVID-19 outbreak reports that the Myanmar government officially declared no trip out of Yangon, the largest city of the country, and commercial flight suspension of all routes domestic until 1 I’m not going to be a K. K. This is ′′ at least ′′

Miss Aung San Sukhi, the civilian government of Myanmarians, declared through national television station that she recognized the public’s criticism that they were too stringent, but if all sectors cooperated strictly, she believes the situation would be possible. Getting better within 2 to 3 weeks

There were at least 29 districts previously, from a total of 44 districts of Yangon City gradually entering lockdown measures from 2 July. Yo. In the past.

However, there is a distribution survey. Multi-layered checkpoints throughout the city to inspect and arrest those who violate lockdown measures. In addition to fees, the list of people who are published. Wrong in every newspaper.