Nahal Raza’s PLAB 2 Experience


Nahal Raza’s PLAB 2 Experience

Planning for PLAB 2

Alright! Where to start from? I was in the third year of medical school when I decided that I was going to train in the UK. I did everything as per “my timeline”; I had passed PLAB 1 during my House Job. Now for PLAB 2, I made a rough estimate of the money I needed using Naseer’s Journey (an excellent resource for anyone who shares my passion).

PLAB 2 Course in Pakistan

Well, the expenditure was a little too much. I did not want to be a burden on my parents. So I started looking for ways to cut down my PLAB 2 cost. I came across this “far-fetched” idea of PLAB 2 classes in Pakistan. It felt too good to be true. I signed up. People started telling me it was not a good idea. They told me I was making a mistake. But I took a leap of faith.


Here is a little something for people who plan to take this course. You will be given some pre-course material. READ IT! I did. And it helped.

The Course

I attended the class; I knew this guy is something. He knows what he is talking about. I attended the course with full zeal.

Every class made me feel this exam was a piece of cake. I was more and more confident about PLAB 2 each day I attended this course. The classes were not boring. We had an activity every day. From buffets to classes in the sun and boat rides. We had it all. I actually felt so connected to Dr Ash that I couldn’t think of letting him down. I didn’t have to work very hard because of the way he taught. I can still hear his voice ringing in my head. “Greet the patient; professional ending; say thank you; say sorry; show empathy; I am so sorry to hear that; I will try and do something for you; we will figure it out together”.

This was one of the best experiences of my life. I found amazing friends. Marjan Gohar cleared it with me. And I am sure the rest will follow to bring a 100% result of our class.


I would like to thank Dr Rizwan Azhar for the mocks. The way he added a touch to our communication skills was commendable.

PLAB 2 Visa

I would like to thank each n everyone who made this course happen. My visa process was so smooth. I got a 6-month multi-visit visa because I just applied 5-day 5 day visa to take my exam. My cost was cut down by 2200 pounds.

Thanks to Dr Ash