Natural lipid acts as potent anti-inflammatory


Natural lipid acts as potent anti-inflammatory

Scientists see therapeutic potential against bacteria, viruses.

  • Researchers have identified a naturally occurring lipid – a waxy, fatty acid – used by a disease-causing bacterium to impair the host immune response and increase the chance of infection. Inadvertently, they also may have found a potent inflammation therapy against bacterial and viral diseases.

  • Lipids are known to help Francisella tularensis bacteria, the cause of tularemia, to suppress host inflammation when infecting mouse and human cells.

  • Researchers found a form of the lipid phosphatidylethanoloamine, or PE, present in the bacterium.

  • The composition of PE found in F. tularensis differs from PE found in other bacteria.

  • In cell-culture experiments, the researchers discovered that the natural and a synthetic form of PE reduced inflammation caused by both tularemia bacteria and dengue fever virus.

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