Need a honest opinion please. I have done my anatomy live classes from Dams

Need a honest opinion please. I have done my anatomy live classes from Dams with 1st reading but my concepts are still not that much clear in anatomy. I have DAMS anatomy notes and DAMS backup videos with me. Which will be better?? To watch the video of the topic in which i am lacking from DAMS video OR to start a new class from marrow or prepladder.

Forget ur notes and take subscription of Dr ashwani sir… I was in same situation last year but due to lack of time I followed dams but m preparing again and now I have time so m making my weak subject strong.

Note: My main question is, Is it wise to change the source at this time???
Moreover if i had to start again i can watch either marrow or prepladder. (I don’t have subscription with e Gurukul)

Along with dams notes…follow your anat buk which u read in 1 st yr…whichever it may be…make your own notes by combining thm…do mcqs and find d important part to concentrate more

Watching videos of prep or marrow is not advisable. it wil) consume alot of time. Follow Dams and do qbank from either marrow or prep
Do dams notes but try to find images for every page , every topic in Grey’s or Atlas, while reading it . Along with that do Ashwini sirs cadaveric image videos , free on youtube . This much will be enough to solve the 15-17 questions of neet . Saying this with experience of 2020 neet .

Dams notes are more than sufficient. Few subjects like anat biochem pharm anesthesia micro you have to read atleast 3 times to start properly applying it.

All the images are available in Dams ebooks and crs. Don’t look for other sources