Need help.. worried about quarantine

Need help… worried about quarantine

I need to go alone to my allotted college which is totally in new state for me with no friends or relatives. Recently one dnb post is circulating which is asking students to get quarantined and report on time. I am really scared about getting quarantined alone. I can’t accompany my parents considering their high risk status (plus both 60 plus)

I don’t have brother or sister to accompany me.

How girls like me who are willing to travel alone will get quarantined in some random center … are they safe ?

I heard in institutional quarantine they don’t treat us well for 14 days. Hotel is so risky to stay alone.

Atleast they can allot hostel of the respective colleges for quarantine.

Pls give ur opinion. Is there anyone really worried like me 😢

No hate comments, asking like ur sister or close friend.