Never fear the darkness


Never fear the darkness.

Never fear the next stage of your journey, no matter what you may have to leave behind.

Never let the long, lonely road of life beat you down and defeat you.

Today, you may be trembling with fear. You may feel completely lost and broken inside.

Today, you may not have the courage to move on or believe that you will ever shine brightly again

Today, you are being moulded and purpose built for what comes next.

You won’t be able to see it, but through your toughest moments and deepest pain comes your greatest power and the ability to transform into something far greater than even you can envision.

You were born to shine brighter than the sun. You were born to do something and be something greater than the limitations you have placed on yourself. And until you see that and accept your true destiny, you will continue to be taught the spiritual lessons of life that force you to become more and see with your soul, rather than your eyes.

Never fear the darkness. Because you are pure light and you have the power to touch the hearts and souls of many through your gifts, talents, ideas and the very essence of your being.

Your journey may not be defined by conventional wisdom. But neither will your strength, your power and your ability to touch the heart of another though your light and your greater purpose.

You will rise once more and this time you will be an unstoppable force of nature that outshines the darkness and the pain.