Ome folks need to realize that every injury

Just my thoughts. Some folks need to realize that every injury, every surgery and every recovery path is different. Just because you did or didn’t do something doesn’t make it the right choice for everyone else.
Let’s not belittle others for their recovery path and the choices that they make. I’m all but certain they are doing exactly as they are instructed by their surgeon and PT. I know I am.
My recovery is different than yours. I only offer my experience with my surgery and my recovery. I pray for everyone because I think we all know the pain associated with this process.
If you began walking unassisted in two or three weeks that is awesome, but it doesn’t make you super human. It means your injury, surgery and recovery allowed it, nothing more nothing less.
I must wear a brace to walk. That does not slow down my recovery nor will it slow anyone else’s. I was almost 40 days non weight bearing prior to surgery and had very little muscle left in my leg after surgery. I only have enough sick and vacation time to be out of work for six weeks. I have no choice but to be up and walking and ready for work by January the first or my bills won’t be paid. I can assure I won’t be anywhere near ready to work in my profession but sometimes you just have to suck it up and get through it.
So please consider these words. Be kind to on another. Choose your words carefully as we never really know what others are going through or what led them here in the first place. Each of us has a story, all similar yet all quite different. Let’s support one another and offer our experience from the path we are on rather than making assumptions based upon it. I’m pretty sure there are very few doctors in this group and even less PTs. My wife is my PT and I am going to do exactly what she suggests. I trust her 28 years of experience.