Pediatric Radius -Ulna Diaphysis Fracture (Closed Reduction Technique)

Pediatric Radius -Ulna Diaphysis Fracture (Closed Reduction Technique)

The kid was awake and kicking in pain and that most abrupt manipulation!!! Seriously they promote that!!!

Gentlemen, you are going to excuse me with the respect they deserve, but all diaphyseal fractures of the radius and ulna are surgical, since this segment behaves like a joint and doing such improper procedures will only achieve a synostosis of the interosseous membrane.

I respectfully disagree, paediatric diaphyseal fractures of both bones in forearm heal and remodel very well if immobilised in proper alignment, (maintaining acceptable length and rotation).

If good closed reduction is impossible , or if its comminuted/segmented/compound etc, then surgery is the only way.

the sentence you quote applies to adults, for the pediatric age group closed reduction is the golden standard.

patients 8 y/o and below , conservative management is the gold standard, moer than 8 years old trial closed reduction but pinning is acceptable as alternative to cast.