Pg Aspirant :Which is better Dnb Radio vs MD Gen Medicine


Pg Aspirant :Which is better Dnb Radio vs MD Gen Medicine

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Dnb radio if u getting a good institute…

agar pluto ki dasha kharaab hai toh dnb radio, agar achi hai toh md medicine.
Kripa barasti rahegi.

MD general medicine no doubt at all

How?? MD Medicine is getting saturated and nowadays superspecialisty is required…but not in radio

Who told ,Medicine is a clinical subject it won’t get saturated ,you can practice yourself without depending anyone , but nowadays radio in corporate sector is getting saturation and your opportunity depends on , and is much much difficult to pass dnb radio than MD medicine ,this is my personal opinion ,you can decide according to your passion

Saturated is people’s mind tiered of this same idiot answer.if one notice still medicine is preferred by most of the has its charm and it won’t fade away

Is it necessary to go for a super-specialization after MD Medicine? If someone wants to settle in a good city. (not highly competitive cities like Delhi, Mumbai or capitals of some states)

Pls don’t take medicine if you don’t want,So that others can take it…