Plab 1 ( June 2019 experience) Passing score 117


Plab 1 ( June 2019 experience)
Passing score 117
Average score 119
Scored 122

Dear PLAB1 fighters,

I wish you all success. Also, praying for all who couldn’t make it, you will ace it no doubt next time.

Simply, I am going to go through my PERSONAL experience, so it might help you on the upcoming test.

Mainly, also I can say solely, I used Plabable website. Plus, its mocks (I did 10).

That was my MAIN source. This website is epic, updatable, and so informative. The day before the test, they published questions which appeared on our test! So, make sure you wholeheartedly memorize everything you see on Plabable.
(Never use Plabdoable, or Dr Khalid… as it’s old and some answers are wrongly answered).

Okay! Some might wonder, that unfortunately, few who used Plabable wasn’t enough to pass!?

To be honest, yes, it’s true.
Only if you depended on memorizing the answer without reading and making notes from every explaination under the question you see. That will be also distracting as you already picking up the answer without reading the questions.

How to study Plabable?
Read the question, try to exclude the answers one by one
Once you get the answer, read the explanation
Open your notebook, write down IN BRIEF that would help you to remember how you can easily retrieve the info in few seconds, and so on.
By doing so, from one chapter to another, you will categorize everything together.

Do Plabable once, then twice, then read all the compiled notes you made, and start your mocks on Plabable.
After every test you do, revise your mistakes. Also, if you picked up an answer, and you wasn’t sure, mark it, and check it after the test.

Okay, let me tell you my cornerstone advice, listen carefully PLEASE
On the test day
The hard question gives you one mark and takes a lot of time
The easy question gives you one mark and takes no time almost
So, whenever you feel that you are confronting a new question/difficult question/ question that you can never remember anything about it…etc, PLEASE don’t panic, don’t exceed its time, don’t waste your time reading it over and over, just quickly pick up the answer which you feel satisfied about it, after excluding other options. Then jump to the next one.
You might waste 3 easy questions, for one difficult question.
Okay buddy! I want this advice to ring bills in your ears in the 180 min of the test… remember it please. Again… please, don’t waste time on something that will consume more than its allowed time.

Never ever pause the test, while practicing, take the whole test on time (to mimic it to the real test). Make a target to do Plabable mocks in 2 and half hours. Solve 2-3 mocks a day. Make your target score above 85%.

Read and read and read your notes… master them.

Should I study Plabable only?
If you have time, go through other reliable sources; Recalls, Samson and Swamy mocks, Passmedicine …etc
But, that came after being so understanding to Plabable, and Plabable only is enough.

Time for preparation?
6-8 weeks
And remember, the more you do mocks, the more you get used to manage time in the exam.

Is Plab 1 becoming harder comparing to last years?
Not harder, but they started to be tricky. So, make sure you carefully get to the point, and make sure that you manage your time (I barely reached the 179 on time)
Furthermore, they started to focus on (pain management, genetics, ethics, and pharma)

Anyway, you will reap what you sow, you will pass, and you always have to think positively.

Wish you all success and blessings :pray:
Congratulations in advance