PLAB 1 or 2 and some of the Do’s and Don't’s that you should follow


Hello, | decided to make a simplified version of what is usually required for a visitor visa for people

sitting PLAB 1 or 2 and some of the Do’s and Don’t’s that you should follow.

For starters, you need to prove very few things:


When are you going to UK?

Why are you going to UK?

How are you going to afford going to UK?

Where did you get the money from?

What are your ties to your country that guarantee your return?

What are your plans in the UK?

Anything you write in the application, you need to prove. You mentioned the elephant is yellow,

where is your proof?

Documents to answer these questions:

PLAB reservation: answers two questions When and Why are you going to UK.

Provisional hotel or accommodation and flight reservations(preferable): from a website like (you do not have to stay in the same place, this is just an indication of the price range during the time and at the place you’ll be in) and a provisional ticket flight (not needed, but again shows your seriousness), answers question number 6

Bank Statement(s): preferably have a bank in your name with the funds, it should cover the total amount you have specified in your application, so if you say the trip will cost 1000 GBP according to your application, your bank account should show you have 1000 GBP under your name. UKVI uses to do the conversion if your bank account is in different currency. The money can be large sum that entered the account in a short period of time, or be your salary building up to show that you have been saving up. You can use someone else’s bank account, but that’s not very preferable nowadays. This answers the question how are you going to afford going to the UK.

Proof of funds: Where did you get the money from? UKVI doesn’t care if your account has a million GBP as long as it covers your trip, their concern is where the hell did you get all that money from! If you’re sponsored by a parent you’ll need to provide:

o Parent’s sponsorship letter stating they will sponsor you, they will provide you with more money if needed, the money is in your bank account for your use, that it is a grant and they do not expect you to pay it back and most importantly why are they sponsoring your trip (you are still dependent on them since you’re still a junior doctor…etc.)

o Proof of relationship (birth certificate in case of parent)

o ©Their bank account or proof of salary or any proof of properties that were sold that explains the large sum of money

Proof of salary: in case you work, attach pay slips or a letter specifying your salary and how much you’ve gotten in the last 6 months, even if they are not sufficient to cover the trip, this part doesn’t really answer any question, but sometimes UKVI rejects on the basis you mentioned that in the application, but never proved it. - Work proof or a very strong tie to your country: this guarantees you are not going to overstay in the UK or break the rules of your visitor visa. IF you don’t work, maybe a family business that you will take over or real estate you are managing.

Inthe case of being married, you need to supply documents that prove your marriage since it is in the application and everything in the application needs to be proved. Any special circumstances you have provided in the application you need to prove.

Do: - Submit EVERYTHING translated to English if not in English already - Be straightforward in your documents - Mention anything that needs to be mentioned inthe last portion of the application that asks you if there is anything you need to clarify - Take copies for everything since they don’t always take originals and a copy of everything is required either ways - Allow at least 4 weeks for normal speed visa (normal processing time is from 10-15 business days) and 2 weeks for priority service (priority processing takes from 3-6 business days) - Behonest about your visit, rules were put for a reason, the visa officer is ahumannot a machine. They will assess your case on individual case basis. DoNOTTTIT

Submit GPA, IELTS, Graduation diploma, License to practice medicine in your country, Driving license, National ID’s. The UKVI’s job is not to verify or check or even see this information, you are being considered for an entry visa, not how good of a medical student and a fluent English speaker you are

Submit a cover letter: if you need to explain something in more than few lines inthe dedicated portion of the application, this is not straightforward. Most probably you will be rejected because you will open the doors to more questions in your essay. The visa officer deals with tens if not hundreds of visa applications per day, your essay about your hopes and dreams and how you will take an uber instead of a taxi because you’re thrifty af is not really of his/her concerns. Don’t be the patient giving irrelevant history and wasting the doctor’s time while other patients are waiting.

Submit empty bank accounts: they are not concerned with how much you spent on Mcdanald’s last month, they just want to know that you can cover your trip. Only case to submit an empty bank account is if you are submitting 2 bank accounts 1 for salary which is empty right now but shows the uniform transactions and 1 that have enough funds to cover your trip.

Submit a bank account that makes no sense: if your bank account gets huge transactions then stays dormant, they might think you’re a drug dealer

Submit any document that doesn’t really prove anything from the questions above.

That’s about it! Good Luck!