PLAB 2 Exam day


PLAB 2 Exam day

If you already read my previous blog on PLAB-2 then you already know that PLAB 2 exam held in Manchester.

I’m dividing my writing into two part Before the Exam and Exam day.

Before the Exam:

  1. Read your confirmation email carefully: When you will book your PLAB-2 exam GMC will send you a confirmation email with some instruction. I would suggest everyone read that email carefully if needed print it out and mark any important instruction they gave you.
  2. Documents you need for the exam: In the email, they will give you a list of document you need for the exam. for example in my email they stated:You should collect and bring the following to the exam:
  • This booking confirmation
  • Evidence of identity. This can be:
    • a passport
    • UK Immigration and Nationality Department Identification Document
    • Home Office Travel Document
    • UK driving license.
    • EU identity card Remember – the document must be original and show your photograph If your name is not the same on all your documents, you should bring one of the following:
  • Your original marriage certificate if you changed your name on marriage
  • Your original old and new passports, showing your names before and after the name change
  1. Dress code: Always wear weather appropriately and according to GMC instruction. Remember even it cold outside, inside will be very warm. So dress something comfortable and official same time. If you wear full sleeve shirt or tops then you need to fold it up to your elbow. If you have any concern or confusion about your dress please don’t hesitate contact with GMC. I also suggest trying your total outfit before you go to the exam hall.
  2. Address: Please plan your journey, accommodation, transport, etc beforehand. Otherwise, just before the exam, all these little things will seem very difficult and you may end up late in the exam. GMC very strict about the exam timing and they will not let you in the exam hall.
  3. Snak and medication: It is a very long exam If you wish you can bring your own snacks and must bring any emergency medication you need like Inhaler, epipen etc they will keep it for you.

Exam day:

  1. Time: Please make sure which slots and day in your exam. They will let you in around 20 mint ago so try to reach the venue 20-30 min ago. In the building reception they will check your Id, cross check with their list let you in. Then you will take an elevator and go upstairs to the GMC office.
  2. Reception: In the GMC office they will check documents (mention your email) and take a photograph for Id. Tell you to take a sit at the reception area. For our exam day, we waited for there 20-30 mint. Where you can study with your book.
  3. Welcome: then a GMC officer will come who is like a moderator will assess you the whole time. She/He will take you to a corridor/office space where they have lockers for everyone. They will hand you locker keys, show you the toilet and waiting area. Please don’t take a luggage with you as far I remember they have a restriction on what type of things you can carry. If you have any confusion contact with GMC.
  4. Introduction: After that, they will give you some introduction on exam and result.
  5. Before exam: After the introduction and before exam they will give you 15-30mint refreshment time depend on the time availability. In my day they had coffee machine and snacks. I would recommend take some snacks and also go to the toilet even you don’t feel like going.
  6. EXAM: In your ID they will give you your station number. Please at this point listen carefully to instruction.
  7. Cubicle: All the cubicle are not that big just try to speak clearly so that the examiner will understand what you are saying. Some station has some observer, just pretend they are your colleges. Sometime the examiner will stand beside you will observe what you are doing for marking. Don’t get nervous or confused about this.
  8. Mistakes: In the exam, people do mistakes. Don’t stress yourself even if you didn’t quite well in one or two stations remember your goal you need to pass 11 stations and get more than the pass mark. Once you passed that’s what matters.
  9. Stations: There are 18 stations + 2 rest stations (Usually). The total time of the exam 20X12= 240min/60min=4hour. This is the usual assumption. Every rest station will have snacks and water.
  10. After Exam: When you will finish your exam they will take you to your lockers. You will collect your belongings and they will take you to back door so that you can go outside.