Planning to start working in private clinics in my hometown

Planning to start working in private clinics in my hometown.
Never got to put iv cannulas or take blood samples during internship(yeah i know,please don’t mock me) though i know the procedures, so how do i get to experience them before joining

Govt hospitals are the best place to learn these. Give someones replacements to become thorough in these skills.

aise kisi ko bhi replacement ni de sakte. Person should be working there

Go to your district hospital, work there in casuality for free for couple of days. Nobody denies free labour.

It’s a vicious cycle. You can’t get experience without working and you need experience to work.

In my hometown these works are done by nursing or helpers in private clinics. Instead work in hospital near by as JR

thts not a compounder’s work, doc should know how to do these basic stuff.

These sort of work limited to First or second year residency only. I have never seen any final year resident or MD doing these sampling work

Never GOT TO PUT IV CANNULA. that’s wat she said. Anyway I have seen DM respi putting cannulas and doing abg in safdarjung and aiims, and they never were skeptical to do this coumpounder’s work.don’t know what med school you talking about.

Go to govt hospital casualties work with intern if you don’t get job there 8 days more then enough to learn canula, blood sample foleys, RT

Join semi govt hospitals like trust and minority institutes .they don’t have much indivisual focus and para medical staff is well trained to teach you .

Usually nursing people do that stuff… you just join and ask a nurse to teach you…